Don't fall for Loan scam!

Anonymous | 17 Aug 2019

Loan Scam
I was in urgent need to get some money to pay off my debt. i received a sms from a guy name eric wong saying that i can get s$15k loan with 20 months installment.

thus i approached him and gave my nric and cpf contribution statement to him as requested. he was saying that in order to get the loan, i need to make one time transfer to make sure i have a record in his company. i gave him my bank account number and he transferred s$360 to my account follow with a message saying 600 clear defer 200 5 days. he asked to transfer back s$200 to him 5 days later and the next day i will need to go down his office to sign off the loan contract.

5 days later, he contacted me with a posb saving account and asked me to transfer the s$200 to the account. i did the transfer and next day i was asking him when can go down his office to sign contract. he gave me all the excuses saying holiday period and his boss not in, so cant process the loan yet. then 5 days later, he called me again saying i need to make another test payment of $200 because my loan application couldn't go through. at this point of time, i already suspicious about this loan scam and refused to transfer another $200. i straight off closed my bank account that used for this transaction.

I STARTED TO IGNORE HIS MESSAGES AND PHONE CALL. he called my office number several times to look for me and saying that i owe him money but never return. then he sent threatening photo of mine and NRic saying that i cheat his money and make sure i will lose my job. on the same night, i lodged a police report about this loan scam. i also deposited another $400 to his bank account so called to clear the $600 loan and blocked off his number. hope everyone out there beware on this loan scam and dont ever fall into this.