Scammer attempted to trick me into believing that he's my friend

Anonymous | 17 Jan 2023

Impersonation Scam
I received a phone call yesterday, new number, and he spoke with Malaysian accent mandarin. i used to work in Malaysia, and have many Malaysian co workers too. he immediately said hey i changed my number, the old number no longer valid, please save this number. I was like, who is this? He replied you cannot recognize my voice? He was playing tricks on me, by saying that we know each other in <alaysia, the fat one he said.... when i told him i don't know any fat person in Malaysia, then he said he is not fat but chubby... anyway i said "Ah qiang?" he said what took you so long?

To be honest, they sounded alike but this guy is obviously older, the guy i know sounds more kiddish. but as I was busy, I didn't pay much attention. He said he has this shop opening on 4th feb, and want to invite me over for buffet, so I said ok.

This fake Ah Qiang called me just now, and said that he lost his phone and couldn't do an internet transfer to his suppliers, thus need me to help him do fund transfer. i know my co worker and his family very well, if indeed he has issues, he will ask him wife or bro in law for help, and won't ask me. so that's when I realized this guy is a scammer. I pretended that his signal is bad that i couldn't hear him very well, asked him to whatsapp me the details, but he didn't. he called again and i told him i still can't hear him well, please send me the details. as he hanged up, i took the opportunity to call my other co workers and confirmed that he didn't change his number at all. i blocked this number and went to do a police report on i witness. hope that no one will fall prey into this type of scam.