Unsolicited survey turned out to be a scam

Anonymous | 17 Jan 2023

Job Scam
JasminE from Skyline Travel & Consulting PTE LTD reached out via Whatsapp for a simple survey and reward you $6 for participation, another lady name Connie msg from whatsapp asking whether keen to participate in their paid activities, the task is very simple, she will provide a random youtube video link, just click on the link then hit like on the video then take a screenshot and write the activity number on the screenshot and show it to her. The reward is $15. Next activity she will add me to a telegram group chat where there are 100+ members posting screenshots. For 3 video likes $12-$15. All tasks are paid. Later i question the receptionist-Alanna whether is this legal and who are these merchants who are paying out the sum, but she claimed it is legal but later I found some similar scam cases so i decided to block them.