Beware of Government Officials Impersonation scams

Anonymous | 17 May 2023

Impersonation Scam
On May 17, at 1 pm, I received a cold call. The initial number used by the caller was +92 3404541747. I mentioned that I would only answer calls from Singapore numbers. As a result, they called again using the number +65 8134 4202. The callers identified themselves as two Singapore police officers and displayed badges that said "Warrant Officer" (I couldn't read their names). They were dressed in police uniforms and wore black face masks. The background of the video call showed the Ang Mo Kio police station.

During the call, they requested my IC number and asked me to show it through the video call. I declined to provide any information or show my IC number. At that point, they became aggressive and threatened to block my bank account. I decided to end the call. It's important to note that both "officers" spoke with a Filipino accent. Fortunately, I did not incur any losses. This is just to share my encounter with others.