Beware of job scams!

Anonymous | 17 Sep 2021

Job Scam

Got to know the person through Facebook. She will try to tell you about her life, then slowly bring in this part-time qoo10 job that she's been doing for several months. She also uses more than one contact number. But basically will ask you to visit this qoo10 page, screenshot the item to confirm the item (which is strange), supposedly to increase page view. You are then asked to transfer $100 to pay the merchant. And you will receive a 5-10% commission.

The scammer also try to help you pay for the item first, through bank transfer, then ask you to give your bank account, to receive money from the merchant, in order to gain your trust. Other tactics include guilt-tripping.

Remember to never reveal your bank info or card number and never to bank transfers without verification!