Beware of out-of-the-blue job offers

Anonymous | 17 Sep 2022

Job Scam
I didn't get scammed but wanna share my story as it was something similar to what was shared here.

A lady texted me via WhatsApp then told me to contact their customer service via telegram. Then, they added me into a telegram group. IT WAS OK AT FIRST BUT THINGS GOT SHADY. SO I LEFT AND REPORTED IT. Here are the MESSAGES:

Hi, I am Nicole, the head of recruitment. Our company saw your resume, here is a special job for you, reply me to learn more about the job. Sorry for any interruptions! 😊

This is a social media hype job to increase the popularity of social media celebrities on TikTok. 

Just follow our celebrities on TikTok and get paid for following and liking them.
Daily Billing Pay
Each follow or like is S$5
Online jobs Daily pay can be S$150 - S$360