Scammer pretended to be from "MOM"

Anonymous | 17 Sep 2023

Impersonation Scam

A scammer attempted to video call me via WhatsApp. Normally, I am cautious when I see a call with a "+" sign, as it often indicates a potential scam. However, this time, I answered the call because the profile picture on WhatsApp appeared to be from MOM (Ministry of Manpower). Additionally, I was anxiously awaiting the approval of my S-Pass permit renewal, which led me to respond.

Upon answering the video call, I saw the scammer dressed like an immigration officer, wearing a face mask, with a backdrop featuring a MOM tarpaulin. Initially, one scammer asked me to show my IC card, and then they transferred me to another scammer who requested to see my ATM card and passport. They also inquired about my country of origin and my intended return date.

Things took a suspicious turn when they asked for my ATM PIN code and requested confirmation of a notification for changing it, which I initially complied with. However, when they asked me to confirm a notification on my mobile device for accessing my online bank account, I grew suspicious and decided to play along. I pretended that I hadn't received the notification and quickly turned off my mobile phone for a moment.

During this brief pause, I searched Google for information related to the "+92 scam" and found an article that confirmed my suspicions: it was indeed a scam. I immediately turned my phone back on to inform my friends via WhatsApp and warn them about the scammer. I also sent a message to the scammer on WhatsApp, calling them out and noting their repeated attempts to call me when my phone was off.

Fortunately, the scammer did not succeed in scamming me further, but I had already revealed my personal information, including my ATM card, passport, and IC. I'm concerned that this information could be misused for illegal activities.

I hope that by sharing my experience, more people will become aware of this type of scam and take precautions.

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