Job offer turned out to be a fake

Anonymous | 18 Mar 2023

Job Scam
The scammer instructs you to register for a portal and promote 40 brands in a set by clicking on a play button. You are promised 1% of the value shown there, which at the start, would be around $1 per play or $40 for 40 plays. They will ask you to do this initially in a training account, and you do not have to pay there.

However, in your actual account, if the amount shown for a brand is greater than your balance, you will be asked to pay. Their support team appears to be very responsive, but you risk losing all your money when you are unable to pay them. Unfortunately, you can only withdraw earnings after reviewing 40 brands, so if you are asked to pay $6,000 or $7,000, you won't be able to continue. And whatever you have already paid will be lost.

Please beware of such scams.