Do not respond to SMSes offering loans

Anonymous | 19 Jan 2022

Loan Scam
I came across an sms for loan at an affordable rate as my new house is coming.. going to renovate so need some extra funds. The guy robert lee said to take a 20k i will need to take a small test loan of $500, repay in 5 days, and pay back $900.. with this scheme, i wlll be granted to waive off 10% admin charge of 20k. So i agreed, they transfer $500 to my account. After that i realize something is fishy and call up the loan company to check for that guy legitability. End up the company staff said there are many complaints regard this guy robert lee. Today he sms me and i told him i want to clear the loan today $900. He give me an uob current account and i transferred $900 back to him. End up he said cannot do online transfer, must do cash deposit on atm and produce receipt and now he keep harassing me and my wife and put a fake receipt saying he has transfer $900 back to me and wanted me to deposit back into their account.

I made a police report after that.