Caller claiming to be from 'Singtel' turned out to be a scammer

Anonymous | 19 May 2023

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I received a call around 10:45 am on my landline, and it was someone claiming to be a Singtel staff member with a strong Indian accent. They asked if my house's internet connection was working fine. They mentioned that Singtel had detected unusually high internet usage between 11 pm and 3 am for the past five days and inquired if I knew of anyone else using the internet or if there were any issues. They then proceeded to ask me to check my router, etc. Before they could finish their sentence, I asked them to call back in the evening instead. I was skeptical if it could be a scam, but it sounded genuine as it involved a real human interaction rather than a voice-generated one. I needed some time to check.

Afterward, I checked a scam alert website and found a similar story.