Beware of fake buyers on Carousell

Anonymous | 20 Aug 2022

Online Purchase Scam
Scammer contacted me on Carousell and asked me to email them.

I encountered the same incident as this person:


My experience happened on 13 july and it is similar to the story related on 11 july on this scam alert website. it was the same scammer named anthony p. he wanted the item sent to a person named vivian pedrosa in malaysia.

After several e mail exchanges between me and him, he sent me an e mail informing me of the transfer confirmation sent from citibank intl team. the e mail address was I did not continue with the transaction as i found it strange that i had to sent a shipment tracking number/recept before i could receive payment.
i decided to e mail him to tell him that I would not be sending the item without full payment first. when i suggested that he found another mode of payment, he replied that the bank transfer was the only mode of payment he had. i then politely told him that i was not comfortable with the transaction. His response was also "K"!


Initially, the person said he paid me via paypal but there was no paypal transaction. After which, i was told that he has bank transferred me but it turns out to be an email scam experienced as the same person before. Beware of him