I lost money to a Facebook seller!

Anonymous | 20 Jan 2019

Online Purchase Scam
29 December 2018 saw a Facebook advertisement for new product that irons shirts and trousers (company - setcoming.com). visited their website which all looked normal (had several products, catalogue and shopping cart). Reviewed the product details and conducted a short google search to find yes it is a new product launching. So decided to purchase which during the checkout stated running an end of year SPECIAL - free shipping (this should have been the red flag - overseas free shipping). Several weeks had gone by (10 January 2019), received no email confirmation and no further details. tried visiting the website to find it is shutdown and that I am a victim of a scam according to the many internet complaints - https://www.sitejabber.com/reviews/setcoming.com.

Please be wary when purchasing things online and to always, always do your research before transacting with them.