Beware of fake investment offers

Anonymous | 21 Apr 2023

Investment Scam Internet Love Scam
Zhao Dong contacted me via Instagram on April 6, 2023, claiming he lived in Watten Park, drove a Bentley, owned a wine business, and was a divorced 41-year-old Singaporean who grew up in China. He insisted I download the app and transfer his coins to help me understand how cryptocurrency works, but I declined. He persisted for 15 days until he realized I wasn't interested and blocked me on WhatsApp. He refused to video conference and claimed he would meet me on his business trip to Hong Kong/China in mid-May. This is a typical pig-butchering scheme that preys on women who have a hard time saying "no" to someone who claims to love them. Unfortunately, Instagram cannot do much to block or delete such accounts, so I am sharing this as a scam alert.