Beware of Impersonation scam calls

Anonymous | 21 Apr 2024

Impersonation Scam

Received a video call on WhatsApp from an individual wearing a Singaporean officer uniform with a police logo background. The caller, an Indian man wearing a mask, informed me of alleged illegal online transactions that required investigation. He requested to switch the video to show my IC ID front and back, but I concealed the barcode. After turning off his camera, he mentioned an ATM account number used in the transactions, which I couldn't recall due to fear. He then asked to see my ATM card for confirmation, to which I falsely claimed not to possess a physical DBS card. Despite my insistence that his camera was off, he persisted in demanding my ATM card details. Reluctantly, I showed another ATM card without visible numbers. He attempted to verify my WhatsApp with a code, but I pretended not to receive it. He then sent a Grab SMS with a PIN (which I shared: 1909??), followed by a request for my Grab PIN, to which I claimed ignorance, citing my use of fingerprint authentication. He coerced me into resetting my Grab PIN via Yahoo email, threatening legal consequences if I refused. Upon expressing my intention to cooperate at a police station, he warned of impending arrest and claimed officers would arrive in two hours, terminating the call.

Video call occurred on WhatsApp on April 21, 2024, around 4 PM, lasting approximately 15 minutes.

Though no tangible losses occurred, I inadvertently shared images of my IC ID front and back, as well as a non-numbered ATM card during the video call.

Photo Evidence: