I lost over $2.5k to a Job scam

Anonymous | 21 Jan 2024

Job Scam
I was automatically added to a WhatsApp group and then transferred to Telegram to assist in boosting Spotify's new artist chart by liking songs. I was given $15 to complete the initial task, but there was a bonus task that required me to fork out money ranging from $68 to $568 minimum. Later, I was informed that I made a mistake in a transaction and was ordered to pay a minimum of $2,108 to recover the supposed profit. Additionally, I was requested to pay another $8,204. Suspecting something was amiss, my wife and I made a police report, confirming that it was indeed a scam. I ended up losing approximately $2,514. This serves as a costly lesson learnt – there are no shortcuts to easy money, only through hard work and diligence.

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