Don't give personal details without verification

Anonymous | 21 Oct 2020

Phishing Scam Impersonation Scam
I was given a call today by a lady who sounded like she came from overseas. The first thing that struck me was how patchy the call was, and how slowly she seemed to respond what I was saying. She told me that there was an issue with the internet address I had- my ip address was supposed to be "private", but it was "public" and that my internet would be cut because they were trying to fix this issue. She instructed me to type "my ip" into a search bar on my laptop to prove she was correct. Thereafter she proceeded to ask me other details like modem information, how many lights were on on my modem, or which was the main device I used in the house which seemed suspicious . I asked her to verify first whether she was from Singtel and how I could, she quoted me this number " 8004922408" to call, but I didn't think the number resembled a Singapore line or any recognisable number, so I left her on the phone, checked the Singtel hotline and called them to verify if this lady was working for them. they confirmed this was a scam.

I put the phone down immediately. I hope more people hear about this so they too won't give out valuable information about their network settings.