I lost over $4k to an Online Purchase scam

Anonymous | 22 Dec 2022

Online Purchase Scam
I came across a post on Facebook marketplace stating there was an installment plan I could take on so I clicked on the poster which led me to a direct contact on whatsapp.
The following day I was contacted by this man named 'Nicholas leow' he took down my particulars and agreed to send me my phone by a specific time. Everything seemed as normal as it could be. Transfer was made and purchase was completed.
Few mins later he tells me I need to purchase an apple care warranty to which I've never heard of so I told him 'no'. He was extremely convincing to the fact I yielded and transferred the amount. He promised to refund me the money once the warranty was purchased.

Horror starts: what seemed to be few mins of return refund extended time. He wasn't able to refund my monet due to capitalisation error on the name part of my transfer. Small detail errors which led me to believe it was my fault. I trusted his words and blindly transfered the money.
On my part I was at a vulnerable position not in the right mental state and acted out of impulsively.
Till today, he messaged me saying he will refund my money but to no avail