I lost over $6k to an SMS phishing scam

Anonymous | 22 Jan 2022

Impersonation Scam
I got a text from 'sgpost' (no number) that I had a failed delivery attempt. i went to the website and it asked me to pay $2 for re-scheduling the delivery. i did. i put in the otp. after some time, it said payment failed. another otp was immediately sent to my phone when i generated it. it was so quick that i failed to see that a transaction of $3200 had already occurred and that uob (my credit card bank) had sent the usual text to call them if unauthorised. i put in the new otp and the same process happened again. but this time, i saw the unauthorised transaction oF usd2000 above the new otp generated.

I called uob within 3 minutes. It was only during this phone call that i was informed of the earlier transaction i missed. my police report was filed immediately that night and within hours an officer was assigned to my case. i'm still trying to resolve these transactions with the bank.