Beware of Impersonation Phone scams

Anonymous | 22 Mar 2024

Impersonation Scam Phishing Scam
I received a call from a Singapore number randomly. Once I picked up, the call got rerouted (as indicated by the different ring tone), and a "UOB" customer service officer picked up, asking how they could address me and what my query was. I suspected that the caller merged our call to listen in, as typically, one would provide their name and identifying details. Since I hadn't called UOB, I asked who was calling and why. The "UOB" customer service officer claimed that I had called in and had been transferred to them. While he may have been legitimate, I wasn't entirely sure. I didn't disclose my name and kept insisting that he called me, to which he seemed clueless. Eventually, I hung up without losing anything.

Be careful, everyone! Pls share this with your loved ones and friends to protect them.