Beware of Singapore High Court Impersonation scam

Anonymous | 22 May 2020

Impersonation Scam

Received a call at 11.07am. An automated voice call saying that they were from singapore high court, asked me to press 9 for further inquiry.

After press 9, a lady picks up the call and did not address her name mentioned she was from singapore high court which she immediately asked for my name and ic number.

I know THIs is a scam call after looking at the number. Singapore high court doesn't make such calls at all. Instead, they will send a mail letter directly to your house. I told her since when did singapre high court call people and asked for names. IMMEDIATELY the caller ended the call. I tried calling the same number, but the line was engaged.  

I called the police hotline to inform them about this scam call from Singapore high court. Singapore high court called themselves as supreme high court. Do take note of this scam calls out there. Stay safe.