I paid over $200 for a staycation that didn't materialise

Anonymous | 23 Apr 2019

Online Purchase Scam
I got in touch with a DDaeng on Carousell to get a last minute staycation as it wasn't available on official site. I was looking to take over someone else's booking. This seller is a verified seller with a 5-star review and thus I thought it was safe. She got a WhatsApp number from a Jessica to msg me and we dealt accordingly - with me transferring 220 over to another PayNow number (Janie). A confirmation was sent and i emailed the hotel to confirm the booking (they took 1 day to reply). The next day, on check-in day, Jessica WhatsApp-ed me to inform that due to a system glitch, my booking was not captured and the hotel would compensate me with a 2-night stay instead if i would agree to change the date. I refused and asked for refund which Jessica said would take 5-7 working days to process. By then, hotel got back and said my booking does not exist at all. I questioned Jessica and she replied "booking is under 3rd party system that's why hotel couldn't check" and to wait for my refund. Of course refund didn't come till now and i got scammed.

The carousell seller told me she was a student earning commission from this. And after we got scammed, she broke all dealings with scammer and she washed her hands off. Although i only bought due to her verified/good reviews status, she just step out of the situation. Not even sure if she's real.

Just be cautious when dealing on Carousell.