I almost fell prey to a Job scam

Anonymous | 23 Dec 2022

Job Scam
Got connected via fb.
chat went well and reply was very prompt.

Tell tale signs of such scam
1.She will suggest to chat on whatapp and explain how it will change the communication
2.Malaysian working as HR in Singapore, stayed alone - Novena in her case
3.she will text every morning, lunch and evening, usually in mandarin and ocassionally some singlish
4.Even told her that I'm suspecting that she is scammer and she can quick turn the situation around using Guilt trip.
5.scam start when she explained she working part time helping an website (cant remember the name "Online tri....") to enter order but supplier will not actual transaction. This is to help boost the rating of the platform and in reutrn she will get a commission.
6.starts to explain she has a lot of orders to make and her neck hurts badly. Ask to help her to enter some orders and she will guide along. And thats why I ends.

Read other stories from here and have insights on how they operate (quite similar).
Usually, they will let you see the commission from the 1st transaction but the fun starts from the sub transaction where price is much higher.