I lost over $1k to a Job scam

Christian Yumang | 23 Feb 2024

Job Scam

I joined a WhatsApp group and was later moved to Telegram to help boost Spotify's new artist chart by liking songs. Initially, I received $15 for basic tasks, but there was a bonus task called PREPAY, requiring an investment ranging from $68 to $568 with promised high returns.

There were 24 tasks in total, with some payouts being quick. However, I reached Task 17 and found myself deceived. By then, I had earned around $164 just by liking songs and engaging in crypto transactions.

At Task 18, I was told I made a mistake in a crypto transaction and was asked to pay a minimum of $1580 to recover supposed profits. After settling this, I was demanded to purchase additional slots/stocks, with a request for $6880.

Feeling suspicious, I researched quickly and found similar stories of scams.


Photo Evidence:

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