Stay vigilant against scams!

Anonymous | 23 Jan 2022

Job Scam

Last night a lady (Judy) messaged me on telegram asking whether I’m still interested in a job. I was curious so I told the woman I'm ok with them contacting me on WhatsApp (their request). The next day, a man (jack ng) Whatsapp me and told me about the "data job". Simple job that requires you to click on orders (so as to help the beneficiaries) it's to drive good star ratings for online goods etc. I felt that it's fishy because the commission ($50-$80) that takes roughly few seconds each to "press/click" is too good to be true. Next step is because they need to change the communication platform, no training, need you to log into "dubious" website ( Scam site. Do NOT CLICK) etc. I didn't even click as I’m afraid of phishing. I went online to google for scams like this and found this website so i decided to share my story here. Remember not to press the link guys! Always check the link carefully and go online to search for scams. Please do inform your friends and family of this job so that they won’t fall for it.