An elaborate loan scam!

Anonymous | 23 Jul 2019

Loan Scam
I got a trouble with unlicenced money lender. At first i dont know that is illegal company. I want to borrow some money because I needed to send money to my family. 

I approached this company after that i gave all my address and phone number,ID, Payslip,bank acc, house address, house owner number, and i requested to loan.

At first, they said i needed to do a 'test' payment, so they transferred me $220(actually they have to transfer $300 then they cut of admin feed$40 and processing fee$40 so they transfer $220) after that i have to transfer back $490.

If this one was done, my 8000 loan would be approved. After, i transferred they say i need to make payment again this time they sent $250 and i needed to send back $490. I sent second time again. Then not approve after that they said I need final payment again they will send $250 and i need to send back $490 for confirm approval. Then after all this i done i can get. I transferred that $490 for final and also i did not get any loan he said my loan is on hold and I am entitled to get weekly loan only. I said that i don't need weekly loan and if u cant process plz help me refund my money $700.

So, he said to wait for 80 days to get refund. So, i waited. Then today he said again i can get my loan request. Then, he did a video call and asked me show my id also. So i did it. After that without ask me anything he send $120 to my account and asked me send back $880.

Also sent agreement after he done transaction. I said that i cant make any payment to u. Then the problem started, he called my landlord, my supervisor and said that i borrowed money from him and never pay back. Also he send threatening videos and my video call photo that he screen shot.

Also he sent fake transfer photo $700 (photoshop to my house owner). He cheated my money $580 and told that i borrow money from him and not pay back.