Someone I knew lost $5k to a Fake Friend Call scam

Anonymous | 23 May 2023

Impersonation Scam
My friend received a phone call from an unknown caller with the phone number +6590789968. The caller introduced himself as "Brian." Brian is my English name and is known among our friends.

This "Brian" claimed to have lost his phone and provided this new number as his contact. He then asked my friend to lend him S$5,000 for house renovations.

Trusting the caller, my friend transferred the requested amount to a Standard Chartered account with the number 01278059??, under the name PURRNIE??? (HP: +65893628??). The transfers occurred on May 17 and 18, 2023, as two separate transactions.

After sending all the money, my friend repeatedly called the caller "Brian" on the same phone number but received no response. On May 20, 2023, my friend contacted me on my phone number, and I informed her that I hadn't lost my phone, had no plans to renovate my house, and hadn't asked her for any money. We immediately reported this incident to the police.