Beware of Smishing!

Anonymous | 24 Jul 2021

Phishing Scam Impersonation Scam
I received a text message from Singpost saying I had a parcel with them and i need to pay additional $3.13 to singpost otherwise parcel will be return to sender. the screen was using Singpost logo and told to fill in my credit cards details and also the bank otp. as i always purchase on line from aliexpress and the website was so legitimate so my guards was down. however as i send my otp pin there was a delay locking on so i send a few times. until fed up without reply so i lock out. I thought case was close as my payment was unsuccessful, so i was thinking Singpost will send back the item no big deal.

I then purchased an item online and paid up with my credit card. To my horror I discovered $5,056.44 was charged to my card. I immediately contacted my bank to cancel my credit card and reported to them. i knew there nothing the bank could do as they scammer using 3d method meaning once you pay with your cards and sent them the otp you are finished, they can clean out your credit cards immediately as the operate overseas in London by the time you notice your statement, it's too late. These scammers are professional it system so beware. this is the second time i got scam no matter how careful these fucking scammer always visit you with others method. i only blame myself for my foolishness and not careful. so fellow citizen beware of such scammers' tricks.

Don't respond to unknown messages and always check the URL and don't click on the link found in the message!