Beware of Job scams

Anonymous | 25 Jan 2024

Job Scam
I'm currently seeking a full-time job and have applied to numerous positions on various job platforms. I've been receiving many WhatsApp messages from +65 numbers. Each time I receive a message, I check the company's information online.

On 24 Jan 2024, I received a message from Jolin, claiming to be from Lemon Ads Pte Ltd, offering a job with a salary of $4,500 per month plus high commission and the option to work from home (refer to the attached job description). It sounds too good to be true, considering my past experience in a recruitment agency. Typically, only programmers who work tirelessly or managerial roles receive salaries higher than $4,500. Additionally, hiring a 75-year-old programmer or manager seems unlikely. I researched the company and found that while it's legitimate in Singapore, it has only one employee, a different registered address from what's on Google, lacks a website, and is supposedly a gaming and advertising company—so why the emphasis on "closing sales"?

Fortunately, I was alert when I received this message; otherwise, I might have fallen for their trick.

Photo Evidence:

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