Beware of Job scams

Anonymous | 26 May 2024

Job Scam

I came across a job scam promising high pay with commission for working from home, Monday to Friday, 10am to 6pm.

Pretending to be from: MMI Group Media

Here’s how it started: The company claimed they found your resume on a job website and offered you an easy admin job processing hotel bookings for Agoda,, and Initially, they build trust by paying you via PayNow for completing tasks, with payment on the same day.

However, on the second day, they ask you to pay for hotel bookings, promising to reimburse you plus a commission. They lead you to a room where you're presented with multiple bookings to pay even more. Some people post screenshots showing they transferred money to the company, but these are insiders trying to make you feel safe about transferring money. Once you pay, they ask for more money for additional bookings, claiming your group won't get paid unless you complete the bookings. They use guilt and fake testimonials to coerce you into paying more.

Do not believe them.

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