Don't be fooled by fake job offers

Anonymous | 27 Apr 2023

Job Scam
I was looking for a part-time job in the internet then i came across with a website which directed me to on 27th april. They directly contacted me through my email after i applied.

Then they contacted me through my WhatsApp, they explained that they are group to help increase the visibility of worldwide hotels.

Here is their introduction:

*Welcome to our eDreams Group*❤️‍🔥

We are here to helping Worldwide Hotels increase their visibility and exposure to improve their review rates and sales, When those merchants release commodity orders, We will release the commodity orders for some people who need part-time jobs to do tasks to make money, the order is required to do the task of people first advance the amount of the order, When the person successful advance payment please screenshot to our Customer service immediately. Commission and the order amount will refunds to you within few minutes
1. The commission for every single task is 10% from the amount of the task order amount.
2. After the tasks is completed, when the advance payment is done please screenshot to us also send us your own bank account details, the principal and commission will be refunds to you within 10-15 minutes.
3. Commission will paying out for every order.
4. You can get the task from the customer service whenever you are free every day. Operation time from 10am.
5. Daily completion of 3 tasks will receive SGD158,completion of 6 task will also receive SGD228.

Just morning, the customer service contacted me and asked whether i would do tasks or not and i said yes.

The first task and second task were refunded not longer that 15mins. The third task was not refunded yet as they asked me to complete the bonus task. Unfortunately, i booked the wrong order. Then they encouraged me to do anothee booking and paid once more as it needs one payment. As stupid as i was, i did as how they instructed me.

Then, they reasoned that they couldn't refund yet as i need to do a clearing task to clear my mistake record which the prices booking were getting higher and higher. I requested for a lower price, but they reasoned that it was randomly from system. As i can't clear the clearing task, they said the money that I had transferred couldn't be refundable. They told me that they would on hold my clearing task until 7th may.

Later on, i realized that this is a scam in which they made use of people who are genuinely looking an opportunity to earn more.

Please be careful

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