I got scammed of $200 for a pair of Airpods that I didn't receive

Anonymous | 28 Aug 2022

Online Purchase Scam

I made a transfer of $200 for an Apple airpods pro that I wanted to purchase from this scammer from carousel and did not receive the item. I was texting the seller through whatsapp and asked about the item and the authenticity and the delivery options. After I transferred $200 through bank transfer to him, I asked him about the estimated delivery. He ("muhammad nasr?? bin mo?? Ta??) replied back by saying it will take 3hrs to reach my house. I transferred him around 3 pm and from then till 11 pm i still did not receive the item. I kept on texting him and spamming him and yet he did not reply. I asked him to transfer my $200 back for a refund and said or else i would make a police report and yet he still did not reply. In the end, this guy scammed me for $200.