Beware of impersonation phone calls

Anonymous | 28 Dec 2021

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I received a call from a +65 number. Caller had an Indian accent said he called to verify a fraudulent transaction on Lazada. A German server purchased a macbook pro on my lazada account.

Then he insist he could help me reverse the transaction. He prompted an otp sent to my phone, and i gave him the pin without reading the text carefully! (it says lazada would not asks for otp). When i asked which card on my account was charged, he did not answer and passed the call to someone else.

The second guy with indian accent did n it tell me which card was charged, wrongly said it was from a malaysian server now. He insisted me i tell him all 16 digits of my credit card number, and cvc code. He insists that i need to give him cvc code so he could reverse the fraudulent transaction. I gave him.

Next he passed the call yet to a lady with indian accent. Finally, an otp sent to me from my credit card bank stated a usd500 payment. I ended the call.