Do not enter personal details into unverified websites

Anonymous | 28 Jun 2022

Internet Love Scam
message from this guy called tony wang. he mentioned Ig pushed my account to him hence he was interested to make friends. we chat and he proceeded to ask me to chat via whatsapp instead.
he started to follow me on instagram quite often and we chatted almost everyday.

slowly, he said he wished to give me some money to spend and sent me a link to [Note: Scam site. Do not click] to create an account. obviously I refused but he created an account and deposited usd500 for into that account. the following night he convinced me to do some "investment" with him by transaction some money into the cycles and there are times where you get some returns, all in all the "investment" from usd500 increased to usd585 and he told me to encash it out so that the next time when we meet i can return him the money if i do not want it.

subsequently he did get me to put in like 5k but i rejected and told him i do not have money.
kind of fought by he continued to chat along and after a month later, he decided to get me to put in 30k instead. The account this platform used to allow you to transfer to is a personal account from standard chartered bank, and the account holder is called salamah bte ma???? with a paynow number of 8944 8???.

I did not lost any money from this though as I kept insisting i do not have enough money. just sharing some details here so that others can be more vigilant on these type of scam when they do google search on certain phone numbers or account details.