Don't be fooled by unknown people you meet online

Anonymous | 29 Dec 2022

Job Scam
Pretty girl added me on instagram. praised some of my pictures, claims to just want to make more friends despite pictures of my wife in my gallery. she eventually asked for my number for 'convenience' and wanting to invite me to coffee.

sent pics of her lunch, reminded me to eat mine, said she had to start work again, showed me a screenshot of her having problems with paynow and asked for help (I checked her number, no paynow function) all to feed the illusion of being a real person. claims to be a beautician doing e-commerce on styletribute.

hardsold me the e-commerce, starting with the lines:

"The nature of the job is also very simple, for example, I go to the website of the merchant to look at the product, and then make an order and pay for the purchase, but it is not a real purchase, but just help him complete the real transaction data and increase the sales data record. Then the merchant will return the money I paid to me within 5 minutes, and then give me 5% commission of the total price of the product, which is my remuneration"
and kept finding ways to bring it back to this topic

I asked for her service price list so my wife and i can support her business. she sent me price listing in "yuan" despite being in toa payoh. asked for shop's location and eventually got blocked on ig and whatsapp.