I paid over $89 for a fake application

Anonymous | 29 Jan 2024

Phishing Scam
I was checking in for a flight to Canada via Dubai and was not aware i required an electronic authorisation. The airline, would not check-me-in until I had the authorisation.

I promptly used my phone to search for the the authorisation application website. The fake link I clicked on was https://eta-canada.com. In my haste I entered my passport and personal details.

I was taken to a payment page which I thought curious because it was asking for payment of 59 Euros, not Canadian dollars. Using my DBS debit card, I authorised the payment using 2FA. I received a an email acknowledging my application and I should have noticed the typo in the subject line - "Your application have been received".

After an hour and anxious to make my flight, I used my laptop to investigate and noticed the website was not the official Canadian government portal. I re-submitted my authorisation application and completed payment for C$7.00. The authorisation approval to travel came through almost immediately and I proceeded to make my flight.

I sent a subsequent email to "contact@eta-canada.com" which bounced as undeliverable.

The 59 Euro charge was debited to the DBS account on 28 January 2024 for S$89.14.