Caller who claimed to be my friend turned out to be a scammer

Anonymous | 29 Jun 2022

Impersonation Scam
Received a call on day 1, did not provide a name but said he is someone close and recently changed phone number, asking me to guess who it was. upon saying he name, he said yes that's right and carried on with the conversation. he mentioned that he changed numbers and lost his bank card as well.he was opening a cafe with a friend and would like to invite us down to eat when it opens.

Day 2, he called to say supplier had sent goods, but because of blocked/unactivated bank card, unable to make payment. requested help to make payment to one NG CHEE MING MESSI.

red flags:
1) Caller will never be the one telling you who they are as they don't know your friends' name!
2) Whatsapp doesn't have a profile picture
3) not giving the name of the shop or the supplier is not a proper uen no.