I found out that my online friend is a scammer!

Anonymous | 31 Jul 2019

Internet Love Scam
I got to know a guy from Coffee Meets Bagel (CMB) and his name is John Cheng Williams. He claimed to be a American, a mixed, father is from Poland, mother is from Singapore, both deceased now. He is a single child, divorced with no kid.

He works in Dubai as a freelance rig engineer, will be coming to Singapore in Jul19 to join Sembcorp Marine after his project in dubai ends. he wants to settle permanently in Singapore and settle down with me. he plans to get a condo in orchard rd. he is facing problem with his mudpump machine and needs to order one from china and cargo ship to the rig so that he can complete the project and start new job in singapore. he has problem in accessing his us bank account to pay the china supplier as internet access is restrictive at the rig site. he can do whatsapp call but not able to video call as internet is weak there.

He told me he has stopped using the app since knowing me however I saw him deleted our chat a week later. I decided to pay a fee to be the premium member and I am able to see Bagel’s activity. He is still using the app that is why I am confused.

I was ignorant of not knowing the existence of sg scam alert website until one day I searched the net for possible scammer traits until I found out this website (more relevant and more real cases) which helped me to find out and TRUTH and THANKFULLY I did not lose anything as I already know his plot.

I managed to find 2 similar stories of this person from the cases shared by 2 other persons on ScamAlert. 

I would have been one of the victim if I did not read the stories above. It hurts though to find out the person I had been chatting so intimately every day is actually a scammer!