I lost over $20,000 to a job scam

Anonymous | 31 May 2022

Job Scam
I was contacted on Telegram by a lady  named "Janice Teow" who offered me a food review job where I could work anywhere. Followed by a reference to another lady name Diana Fong through another Telegram message, explaining how the job works.

The company posted as working under crew marketing company & provided me with a constant changing website address. They claimed that this is done to protect the privacy of users, so the website address will keep changing. In order to do the job, you have to invest a small amount at first, $115, to start.

The job is to rate food reviews & a total of 33 evaluations. After 1st round, it was easy & the merchant paid a commission to me of $11. They claimed that you can play a maximum of 4 rounds daily; every time you start a new round, you have to deposit $115 into a bank account number that the company will give you through their so-called "customer service" WhatsApp account. Every time the bank account number provided is different, as I go along with round 2, the amount started to get bigger & bigger for you to deposit to continue. That's when I realised is a scam. I had deposited $20k & last final question, they asked for another $20k. This is where I stopped it & knew that I am now a scam victim.

To get back your money, you have to continue to complete the given 33-36 food evaluation. The lady Diana even offered to pay me $5k to help me continue, which I rejected as the police alert stated if you want to get back your money & receive the deposit from another person into your bank account. You are also becoming part of their money mule. So please be careful & not to be part of these scammers' money mules just to get back your money.