Don't download fake ScamShield app from dubious sites!

Anonymous | 16 May 2023

Phishing Scam
Received a message asking me to download a fake ScamShield apk app. Please do not do it as the app contains malware that allows scammers to take control of the victim’s devices. 

Be careful guys! 

Editor's Note: Always download apps from official app stores. To ensure that you are downloading the correct app, please ensure that the developer of the app is stated as "Government Technology Agency" (iOS) or "Open Government Products" (Android).

Here's how to check the developer's name on the app stores:


On Android mobile devices
Open the Google Play Store app .
Browse or search for the app.
Tap the app to open the detail page.
Tap Developer contact.
Scroll down to review the contact information listed


Find the app on App store
Choose the app
Scroll to the bottom of the page
Provider's name can be found under "Information", 

Photo Evidence: