Don't respond to unsolicited messages offering jobs

Anonymous | 24 Jul 2021

Job Scam
I was looking for online part time job. And I come across this person name JIALE (+65 8946 772?) who claimed that we will be given task like boost online influencer. Follow n like the post. And "pay' is credited soon.

Thereafter he say THAT (Now there’s another job is to help the merchants increase their sales/traffic by complete orders , the orders may vary from 50 to 60 dollars per day, do you want to know more about it?) Which mean I will reg a acct in the platform and I will give him my invitation code and he will give me his. Meaning I will earn from THE 60 grab task in his account. And after tat I will complete another 60 task in my account then I will be after to draw out my commission. This goes on for 3 days. On the qst day WHEN I am doing task in my own account there is an order that went to negative figure. So I was being told that I need to TOP UP of (-$27) so I was thinking jus try out. N I contacted their CS (+65 8420 934?) they give me an account no. I was being told to top up within 10 to 15 mins else I need to get another account no from them. So after topping up transaction went smooth n cash out the commission plus top up amount. This went on for around 3 days (earning ard $80 to $100 per day) But as DAYS goes on the 4th day the top up KEEP increasing. They say I am lucky to have double or even package order. neg figures got higher from ($13x to $3100). And then he said that said all is by system generated.

By the last neg I have already top up for more than $7k to $8k. And some amount was still borrowed from others. But tat was too late. They have been keeping to ask me top up after that. Saying I will be able to draw out if I top up the amt. Am frustrated wanted to earn extra income due to health issue n unable to work now and I have to pay for medical. But all my saving have been lost in this. I am at a lost now. I doubt I could get back the amount.