Online friend turned out to be a scammer

Anonymous | 20 Oct 2020

Internet Love Scam

I met this guy, Steven Benardo, virtually via online dating website OkCupid. After conversing via WhatsApp for a couple of weeks and having made plans to meet up on Sunday, 25 October, he suddenly says that he has no cash flow and having problems with his offshore bank account, and asking for me to loan him $5,000 to open up a bank account in Singapore.

He claims he is from Canada, only child, 40 this year and working in a oil and gas company based in Jurong Island, and that his work requires him to be on a ship tanker. He also claims that it is his first job outside of his home country and does not know much about how the different banks in Singapore works, hence he asked for my assistance on giving him a loan. 

After I rejected him, he started getting angry over the phone, and kept insulting me. After a few hours, he would text me again, asking for help.

I have since blocked his number.

Below are his contact details that he gave me:

Email: [email protected]

Contact number: +65 8104 1??