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I won $50K in a lucky draw that I didn't participate

I received a call from this +966 55 236 9019 with a name ‘Starhub Company’ telling me that I won $50,000 dollars

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14 Jul 2020

Beware of Kidnap scam message!

I received a text message on my phone from a number shown as 9000. it stated as follows, "ws me now 96600596 Matthew! daughter is with me! u better bank in $3000 to ???-981-913 posb sav now! better dun…...

31 May 2020

Beware of Kidnap Scam message!

I received an sms on 31 May 2020 around 7:39pm stating that: ur girl is with me! u better bank in $2000 to my ???-983-4971 Standard chart now! bette dun call police!if not i will kill her! 87163571 rayno…...

28 May 2020

Ignore Kidnap scam message

Received this text message during cb period, where i and my daughter are all at home. the message read out: ur daughter is with me! u better bank in $2680 to my bank ???-395-1892 uob sav now! better dun…...

01 Jun 2019

Another incident of Kidnap Scam

I got this kidnap scam sms. It was obvious it was a scam because I'm 16 and have no children. THe sms is as follows "I KIDNAPPED YOUR DAUGHTER/SON , CALL ME NOW BEFORE I KILL HER. DON'T TRY ME. PREPARE…...

01 Jun 2019

I was told my daughter has been kidnapped!

The scammer claim that my daughter/son has been kidnapped and request for a 10k ransom. the original message is "i kidnapped your daughter/son , call me now before i kill her. don't try me prepare a ransom…...