What is an

Impersonation Scam?

If you receive an unexpected phone call from someone purporting to be a government official, such as a police officer, immigration officer or court official, be wary as this could be a scam call.

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Scammers tried to fool me!

17 Aug 2017

By Anonymous

Received a call saying I have important documents at police headquarters.
I never finished the entire message, but hung up the phone immediately.


Scammers are now impersonating as telecos staff! Beware!

Do not release personal details without verification

I received 4 calls claiming to be from the "Police"

Don't let your guard down, share this with your family

Scammer attempts to scare me by telling me that my I/C has been "cancelled"

I was told that my IC had been "suspended" and had to contact caller for assistance

"Police" used Interactive Voice Response system to call me. Scam!

Caller attempting to fool me by posing as Police