What is an

Impersonation Scam?

If you receive an unexpected phone call from someone purporting to be a government official, such as a police officer, immigration officer or court official, be wary as this could be a scam call.

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I realised the call I received was a scam call and ended it

26 June 2017

By Anonymous

I just received a phone call from 63356272 today and it turned to be a voice recording claiming to be "这是新加坡法院...." (This is Singapore Court.... [in...

I knew this was a scam

I realised that call was a scam

Call ended on its own when I didn't respond

Scammer hung up on me when I told him that I need not respond to him now

I found the call suspicious and ended it

Scammers are now impersonating as High Court officers

I don't think police will use an automated voice messaging system to call out!

Suspicious buyer kept insisting that money had been credited into my PayPal account