What is an

Impersonation Scam?

If you receive an unexpected phone call from someone purporting to be a government official, such as a police officer, immigration officer or court official, be wary as this could be a scam call.

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Sharing my story on impersonation scam

14 Dec 2017

By Anonymous

This is to inform you all of the scam call that I received today from number +65 67376777. The person on the call claimed to be calling from Indian High Commission in...

Scammer impersonated my friend on Facebook

Don't be scammed by people attempting to impersonate the Police

Spread the word to prevent others from getting scammed!

Re-emergence of Phone Impersonation scam. Be careful!

Sharing my story to warn others

I warned my family members of Phone Impersonation scam

Look out for Impersonation scams!

Ignore scam calls!