What is a

Lottery Scam?

Scratch-and-win scam

In a scratch-and-win scam, you might be approached by someone while shopping in Johor Bahru and invited to participate in a simple scratch-and-win promotion. You will then “win” a prize, but the scammer would tell you to follow them to their main office. Once there, you will have to pay administration charges or tax on your prize, which doesn't exist. You might even...

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Scammer claimed that I won a huge lottery!

4 June 2018

By Anonymous

A Miss Chen from Fulong Electronics called to tell me that I won a lucky draw prize of HKD528,000 that took place in Far East Plaza on 15 May. I checked online for...

Caller claimed that I've won $100,000

Don't provide your personal details over the phone

I called the company to verify the call

I lost $12,000 to Lottery Scam

This is most certainly a Lottery Scam!

I was told that I won a BMW car but I knew it's a scam

Beware of lucky draw scams!

I lost over $44K to a Lottery Scam