What is an

Online Purchase Scam?

If you see something being sold for a price that seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Victims of the online purchase scam, tempted by what seems like a good deal for a gadget, transfer money to the “seller” who promises delivery of the item. 


In some cases, sellers may also demand more payments for “duties” or delivery charges– and ultimately, the victim never receives...

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I knew it was a scam!

13 Dec 2017

By Anonymous

Suspicious buyer contacted using an overseas phone on Whatsapp +60107667559
and then used a local number: 85531002 but no conversation as he claimed he was the offshore...

I was fooled into purchasing cheap laptops from a potential scam website

Beware of this seller!

Report suspicious accounts to Carousell

Scammer changed his user name on Carousell

Seller asked me to pay an additional of $297 for delivery

Scammer threatened to ruin me!

Unusual behaviour made me suspect that seller might be a scammer!

I lost over $200 to a Carousell seller