Beware of Phishing SMSes

| 21 Oct 2020

Beware of Phishing SMSes

If you received an SMS requesting you to log in to your account and update your personal bank details via a suspicious website address? 

 ❌Do not click on the link! This is a phishing SMS for scammers to obtain your bank information and OTP.  
The official POSB website is @   

Be on the lookout for potential signs of scams. SMSes or emails from official sources do not contain typo errors, need for urgent response or links to unofficial websites.

Note that scammers will also change the websites used from time to time in order to target customers from different banks and payment service providers. 

Spot the Signs. Stop the Crimes!✊

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Together, we can help stop scams and prevent our loved ones from becoming the next victim of scam!