Beware of Credit-for-Sex scams!

Anonymous | 02 Jun 2021

Credit-for-Sex Scam

Almost lost money to a scammer. This girl added me in line asking which part of sg i am in, i replied in Yishun . She then said she is also from yishun and then proceeded to offer me her sex services. She told me to meet up at Yishun, once there she told me take picture of the surroundings. I took it and sent to her. Then she said she is on the way and asked me for my hp no which i gave, then she said a guy will call me and i just needed to say i am not police can already. The guy called me, this was when my phone app highlighted in red with indonesia no +62000000001 with over 500 reports of scam, i picked up the call knowingly it is likely to end in scam. The guy i didn't catch the name, asked me if i am the first time using the service, i said yes. Then he told me because its 1st time, i will need to go axs machine to purchase not sure what credit, when the purchase is made and receipt printed, i will pass it to the girl upon meeting up . At this point i hesitated and but still joined the queue at the axs machine. I backed out and told the guy machine is spoilt. Then he asked me to go 7 eleven to buy a google play store gift card , which i refused cause i know at this point, it is definitely a scam. His tone started to have the threatening effect. He stressed that the sexual services are backed by gang call 369. And he also said he has my hp no which he is able to check my particulars. And that now even if i do not want service i still need to buy the gift card and pass it to the girl. I refused and continue making my way home.

Blocked all nos and deleted line account. Nothing was lost except my hp no.