Some online friends will get you to invest in bitcoins, beware!

Anonymous | 04 Jun 2020

Investment Scam
Tinder bitcoin scam

I have gotten matched with a few good looking Chinese national on Tinder, their profile pictures are usually of them living a jet-setter lifestyle. At times, their photos will have them posting with luxury cars. What are the odds that such successful ladies are doing on an App like Tinder?

They will come off strong, directing the conversation, they will ask about what kind of work you do which is a definite no in Asian culture, it is like asking how much money do you earn. They go on to mentioned they are into investment: Bitcoin. That they work with a certain bank researching into Bitcoin. How Bitcoins are the investment to go to because certain countries are investing in Bitcoin. Do take note of their grammar since I suspect that English isn’t their first language.

Red flags should start rising at these moments because Banks do not invest in Bitcoins. No countries are investing in Bitcoins. Whenever in doubt simply do a fact check on Google. I played dumb and played along with them and when I got tired of the conversation, I exposed them. Leading to them blocking me.

What I have learnt later is that such scammers will lie blatantly, this is their filter system. To capture the vulnerable who will believe every single word they say.

I do not know what happens if one says they are interested to invest in Bitcoins. I have a hunch they will direct you to some scam Bitcoin site for you to make payment.