I lost over $90k to an Internet Love scam

Anonymous | 24 Mar 2024

Investment Scam
I met Lee on CMB in January 2024. After chatting for over 10 days on the platform, he asked for my WhatsApp to continue our conversation. He mentioned being born in Shanghai but becoming a Singaporean over the past 6 years. His mother is Singaporean, and his dad is from Shanghai.

After exchanging WhatsApp contacts, he expressed interest in me and suggested a phone call or even meeting up. I was cautious and didn't agree to either until about a month into our text exchange. Lee mentioned he works in upper management at SP Group. During a call, he mentioned setting up an account called Mori Platform for carbon emission credit investment with his boss's approval. He asked for my full name and email to send the invitation.

I became suspicious and declined to set up the account. However, after researching carbon emission credits, I fell for the scam because the website seemed legitimate. Lee even topped up to cover the missing amount for me. But when I tried to withdraw from my wallet, I realized it was a scam as my password was rejected, and my wallet was frozen. They demanded a 50% deposit to unfreeze it.

I decided to make a police report, keeping a cordial response with Lee on WhatsApp and gathering evidence to provide to the bank. I lost nearly $95K to this pig butchering scam. Only after making the report did I search online and find some online articles.