Beware of Investment scams

Anonymous | 04 Mar 2024

Investment Scam Internet Love Scam
I connected with a man named Andy (何少文) on LinkedIn toward the end of January '24. We continued our conversation on WhatsApp and developed feelings for each other. Amidst my heartbreak from various challenges (career, health, marriage), I felt I might have found the right person. He repeatedly invited me to invest for passive income, though I was initially hesitant about the investment model. After much thought, I decided to try it. He shared a URL link to download the "ADIA" app and deposit funds. When I attempted to deposit, I was prompted to transfer funds to an individual's UOB account. Despite my hesitation, I proceeded. Shortly after, a bank staff from the scam center called, validated information, and warned me about the investment scam. They helped reject the transaction and freeze my accounts. The next day, Andy approached me with another investment link, claiming it was safer. I firmly declined, leading to his anger and the end of our friendship. Despite my grief, I've learned about this new scam tactic (Pig-butchering). Please be cautious of numbers from China and Hong Kong.